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P. cubensis Mexicana is native to Mexico and Central America, having been used by the indigenous peoples there for thousands of years for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. The writer and amateur mycologist R. Gordon Wasson popularized the variety and kickstarted the North American psychedelic movement in the 1950’s after he visited the region and wrote about his experiences with famous curandero (medicinal healer) Maria Sabina for Life magazine.

Mexicana are quite potent and will give a quicker peak that settles down into a longer lasting period of euphoria. Many describe the high as uplifting, cerebral and enlightening.


3.5-28 grams



Suggested Dosing, tread lightly.

Lab tested. Made in Canada.

3 reviews for Mexicana

  1. modernsmoker (verified owner)

    The size of the caps was just unbelievable. Very well dried, definitely will be buying again. I was nervous about ordering at first, but I shouldn’t have been! With room920 you’re in great hands!

  2. Daniel D. (verified owner)

    Fast and discreet shipping. The shrooms are dried, fresh, tasty and A +. Great quality. Recommanded. Merci Room920!🤘

  3. Kyle M. (verified owner)

    Amazing , came fast , shipping was Not an issue . The Caps are an amazing Rich DarK golden colour . Great to see others on here feel exactly the same way as I do.

    Room920 is excellent.

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Weight 3.5-28 g
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